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2019-09-30BIOCHEMICAL BASIS OF THE ADAPTATION OF BIVALVE MOLLUSKS TO ENVIRONMENTAL STRESS. COMPARISON OF NATIVE AND INVASIVE SPECIESKhoma, V. V.; Gnatyshyna, L. L.; Rarok, Yu. S.; Martinyuk, V. V.; Druvietis, I.; Ozolins, D.; Parele, E.; Skuja, A.; Mischuk, N. Y.; Zhurska, H. Y.; Kokorite, I.; Springe, G. H.; Stuliar, O. B.
2019-04-09Different vulnerability of indigenous and invasive bivalve mollusks to environmental impact detected from their responses of stress and toxicityRarok, Y.; Khoma, V.; Gnatyshyna, L.; Horyn, O.; Druvietis, I.; Ozoliņš, D.; Parele, E.; Skuja, A.; Kokorīte, I.; Falfushynska, H.; Spriņģe, G.; Stoliar, O.