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dc.contributor.authorKikinezhdi, O. M.-
dc.contributor.authorVasylkevych, Ya. Z.-
dc.identifier.citationKikinezhdi O. M., Vasylkevych Ya. Z. The problem of personal self-realization of Ukrainian youth in European integration: gender aspect // Advanced trends of the modern development of psychology and pedagogy in European countries : сollective monograph. Riga : Baltija Publishing, 2019. P. 184–200.uk_UA
dc.description.abstractThe article deals with the psychological mechanisms of personal self-determination of the Ukrainian youth in modern controversial system of traditional / patriarchal and egalitarian / democratic coordinates from the position of gender methodology. This research investigates psychological effects of the gender stereotypes on the identity of young men an woman in the Ukrainian society. The suggested psychological model of sex-role identification helps to generalize external (social-educational) factors and personal determinants of personalization of gender “I”. The social construction of gender in youth environment is determined by gender space of contemporary society, it is characterized by double contradiction- on the one hand, a partial solution of the ways of establishment of formal equality and appellation to the natural function of women, on the other hand - new, alternative system of gender relations based on the principle “equality in difference”, tendency of equal rights and opportunities for self-realization of young men and women as unique subjects of socio-historical event. On the the background of “total social transformation” girl-students often express liberal installations, support more equitable devision of family roles, look for equal opportunities for self-realization. These trendancies allow to increase subjective potential, identify psychological prospects for future life creativity of young women as a way to overcome usual stereotypes, that demonstrates the need of the development and implementation of gender specific ideological system of knowledge and practices, relevant to psychological principles of parity and self- realization of sexes. The model of gender-educative technologies as educational accompaniment of personal sex socialization in the period of a person’s growing up has been developed and tested. Prospects of further study on gender social construction among students, ways of egalitarian formation of personality are outlined.uk_UA
dc.publisherBaltija Publishinguk_UA
dc.titleThe problem of personal self-realization of Ukrainian youth in European integration: gender aspectuk_UA
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