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Title: Питання генези та функціонування емодзі в сучасному інтернет дискурсі
Other Titles: The issues of genesis and functioning of emodzy in the modern internet discourse
Authors: Йордан, Ганна
Йордан, Христина
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Йордан Г., Йордан Х. Питання генези та функціонування емодзі в сучасному інтернет дискурсі // Вісник Львівського університету. Сер. Журналістика. Львів, 2019. Вип. 45. С. 373–380.
Issue Date: 2019
Keywords: емодзі
рекламна кампанія
соціальна мережа
promotional event
advertising campaign
the internet
social networking site
Internet discourse
Series/Report no.: Журналістика;
Abstract: У статті розглянуто використання особливої мови ідеограм і смайлів – емодзі. На матеріалах соціальних мереж Facebook, Telegram, Twitter проаналізовано значення найбільш часто вживаних символів у мережі інтернет та в конкретних соціальних мережах, визначено основні функції емодзі в інтернет-дискурсі.
The article deals with the use of a special language of ideograms and emoticons, which is called “Emoji”. Emoji has already crossed the limits of everyday communication and gone far beyond the limits of web communication, penetrating all spheres of social and cultural life, as well as the way of thinking of people in general (art, literature, games etc.). The confirmation of this point is that Emoji began to appear in promotional events and advertising campaigns of various services or enterprises. The value of the most used characters on the Internet in general and specifically in particular social networks was analysed as exemplified in social networking sites, such as Facebook, Telegram, Twitter; and the main functions of emoji in the Internet discourse were defined. The collected material shows that in the absence of direct contact with the interlocutor and with lack of possibility to express additional meaning through non-verbal speech, the participants of the virtual communication transmit the verbal niceties and their own attitude to the discussion with the help of a special sign system – emoji. It has been established that each symbol of this language carries a certain semantic charge; therefore, it can be regarded as a sign system that functions in parallel to the verbal speech, sometimes compensates or modifies it. Although Emoji’s system cannot completely replace verbal communication between people, it gives vividness and diversity to the communication. Ideograms adjust the accuracy of the statement and make it more expressive. Emoji function in the Internet discourse as means of expressing emotions, feelings, minimizing time commitment and providing outdated ideas with new life. However, there are cases when emoticons are embedded in the well-known text for the sake of attracting attention. It allows updating the seemingly outdated idea, to show its relevance in the present.
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ISSN: 2078-7324
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