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Title: Modern approaches to the learning of innovative vocabulary
Other Titles: Сучасні підходи до вивчення інноваційної лексики
Authors: Babiy, Iryna
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Babiy I. Modern approaches to the learning of innovative vocabulary // Contemporary innovative and information technologies of social development: educational and legal aspects : monograph 24. Series of monographs Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Applied Arts Katowice School of Technology. Katowicach : Wydawnictwo Wyższej Szkoły Technicznej, 2019. P. 120-126
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Wyższej Szkoły Technicznej
Abstract: The article deals with modern approaches to the analysis of innovative vocabulary. It is noted that in recent decades the scientific interest in researching new developments has increased significantly. The main aspects of the study of innovative vocabulary are defined: lexical-semantic, structural-grammatical, word-building, functional-stylistic. It is revealed the essence of the main terms of the neologism: neologism, occasional word, potential word. It is determined that a productive way of creating neo-lexemes is composition. There are considered the division of neologisms into general and individual author's. It is traced the transition of author's neologisms to the explanatory dictionaries of language. It is pointed out that the significant component of the modern lexicon of language is neo-borrowings, which belong to various thematic groups: socio-political, economic, legal, etc. It is emphasized the importance of neologism research and the necessity of applying an integrated approach to the study of innovative vocabulary.
ISBN: 978-83-952000-8-3
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