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Title: The Blended Methodology of Learning Computer Networks: Cloud-based Approach
Authors: Spirin, Oleg
Oleksiuk, Vasyl
Balyk, Nadiia
Lytvynova, Svitlana
Sydorenko, Sergiy
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): The Blended Methodology of Learning Computer Networks: Cloud-based Approach / O. Spirin et al. // ICT in Education, Research, and Industrial Applications. Proc. 15th Int. Conf. ICTERI. (Kherson, June 12-15, 2019). Kherson, 2019. Vol. II. P. 68-80
Issue Date: 12-Jun-2019
Keywords: blended learning
cloud-based environment
Apache CloudStack
EVE-NG Community
computer science trainee teachers
Abstract: The article considers the use of blended learning as an effective methodology of encouraging students’ cooperation in the process of solving practical problems and as a means of developing their essential professional skills. The following pedagogical approaches and techniques of blended learning are discussed: combination of face-to-face and distance learning, group members’ partnership, development of group work skills, heterogeneous grouping, combined use of individual and peer assessment, teacher’s monitoring of the students’ work, task-oriented approach, chance for every member to be a leader, essential feedback. The authors suggest using private and public cloud technologies in an integrated academic cloud to support the implementation of group methodology in the teaching process. The analyzed academic cloud includes Apache CloudStack and EVE-NG Community platforms. This cloud environment was deployed at Physics and Mathematics Department of Volodymyr Hnatiuk National Pedagogical University of Ternopil (Ukraine). The developed methodology is used in course "Computer Networks". It has been verified experimentally by using appropriate statistical methods.
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