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Title: Концертний та конкурсно-фестивальний напрямки у роботі з студентськими хоровими колективами
Authors: Гринчук, Марія Іванівна
Іздепська-Новіцька, Марія
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Гринчук І., Іздепська-Новіцька М. Концертний та конкурсно-фестивальний напрямки у роботі з студентськими хоровими колективами // Молодь і ринок. Дрогобич, 2019. № 4 (171). С. 37-41
Issue Date: 2019
Keywords: сучасне хорове виконавство
студентський хоровий колектив
концертна і конкурсно-фестивальна діяльність
хоровий репертуар
modern choral performance
the student choir collective
concert and competition and festival activity
choral repertoire
Abstract: Піднято проблему комплексного підходу до роботи із студентськими хоровими колективами. Увагу зосереджено на таких компонентах як підготовка навчальних хорових колективів до участі у різних тематичних концертах, концертах-звітах та інших мистецьких заходах, у конкурсах та фестивалях хорової музики різного рівня. Ретроспективно представлено діяльність жіночого хору Тернопільського національного педагогічного університету імені В. Гнатюка у її концертному та конкурсно-фестивальному аспектах. Висвітлено та проаналізовано основні складові репертуарного списку колективу.
The problem of the integrated approach to work with student choir collectives is raised as an important component of the process of preparation of the teachers of artistic disciplines. Attention is focused on such components of choral activity as the training of choral groups for participation in various thematic concerts, annual concerts and other artistic events, competitions and festivals of choral music of various levels. There has been illustrated the significance of the concert, competition and festival and repertoire aspects in work with the student choir group on the example of the female choir of the Faculty of Arts of V. Hnatyuk TNPU which is one of the first choral ensembles of the university. There have been represented the artistic directors and conductors o0f the given collective. There has been observed concert and competition and festival activity of the collective, its participation in choral creative forums of city, regional levels of different levels of functioning. There have been highlighted and analyzed the main components of the repertoire of the collective as the basis for formation of vocal and choral culture of students, their acquisition of experience of practical choral and conductor's work as the future participant or leader of the choir collective, their experience of concert and competitive activity as well. There have been presented the rubrics of the repertoire of the collective, including works of spiritual character of foreign and Ukrainian composers, classical samples of versatile works of foreign and national choral literature, choral adaptationі of Ukrainian song heritage, popular works by contemporary artists, etc. An interesting form proved to be the creation of the so-called "choral and choreographic compositions" as a performance of choral works with the active usage of the choreographic component on the example of the contemporary popular repertoire. It has been concluded that the combination of educational, concert and festival practice provides the integrity of the process of professional preparation of participants and future leaders of choir collectives. The process is facilitated by appropriate versatile repertoire material, which should include masterpieces of European and world choral music, highly artistic samples of domestic classical music, inexhaustible volumes of Ukrainian song heritage, samples of contemporary choral composition, interesting adaptations and arrangements of contemporary popular music.
ISSN: 2308-4634
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