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Title: Epistemology of Metaculture Metaphorization
Authors: Romanovska, Liudmila
Kondratska, Ludmyla
Kravchyna, Tetiana
Bryndikov, Yuriy
Kozachenko, Svitlana
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Epistemology of Metaculture Metaphorization / L. ROMANOVSKA et al. // Postmodern Openings, 2020. V. 11, Issue 1 Supl. 1. P. 234-248.
Issue Date: 2020
Keywords: metaculture
metacultural metaphor
epistemic belief
epistemological contemplation strategies
performative potential
principles of metaphorization
Abstract: The purpose of the paper was to substantiate the essence of metaculture as a way of recognizing yourself as a person in the maze of free will and action; determination of the structure, morphology and functional typology of metacultural metaphors and epistemological conditions for their contemplation. The introduction of this typology into the theory and practice of contemporary cultural pedagogy makes it expedient: 1) to avoid the practice of “imposing” and “adjusting” the process of metaphorizing the cultural artifact to a “ready” model of classical or non-classical rationality; reduction of the cultural metaphor to the semiotic interpretation of the sign; 2) to organize the “co-creation” of historical forms of the “I” and “you” dialogue in the metaphorical modeling of cultural artifacts on the basis of social and cultural pluralism and relativism. The systematic mentality methodology of the presented research implemented phenomenological-hermeneutic and semiotic approaches, methods of coherent modeling and expert evaluation of conceptual integration theory, connective theory of metaphorical interpretation, concept of nonlinear epistemology, principles of antinomy, verification, complexity, disjunctive synthesis. The scientific novelty of the material is to discover the peculiarities of the metacultural metaphor and determine epistemological strategies for contemplating its essential meaning. Conclusions. Epistemic metaculture implies a reflective use of the cultural experience of the Other One for creative self-development. The performance of its semiotic subject is effectively realized in the process of metaphorical cognitive science. The metamodern epistemological strategy overcomes the elenctic cognitive irony by applying a methodology of nonlinear thinking.
ISSN: 2068-0236
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