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Title: Design of educational environment for teachers’ professional training
Authors: Balyk, Nadiia
Shmyger, Galina
Vasylenko, Yaroslav
Oleksiuk, Vasyl
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Design of educational environment for teachers’ professional training / / N. Balyk et al. // SHS Web of Conferences : the International conference on history, theory and methodology of learning (ICHTML 2020) (Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine, May 13-15, 2020). France: EDP Sciences, 2020. Vol. 75. P. 1-8.
Issue Date: 13-May-2020
Publisher: EDP Sciences
Abstract: The article analyzes the concept of the educational environment, its components and features of the structure. The concept of educational environment design was introduced. The components of educational environment design for the teachers’ professional training of the Ternopil Volodymyr Hnatiuk National Pedagogical University (TNPU) are described: technological, didactic and social. The features of this environment such as: information saturation and openness, digital transformation, social practices and cooperation are considered. The study of the effectiveness of educational environment for teachers’ professional development was carried out on the basis of TNPU. In total, 432 masters of all specialties of the University participated in this study. The study used the method of expert assessments for statistical processing of results. The study was conducted to determine the level of importance of all indicators of each component of the educational environment design. The results of the study illustrate the significant changes in the technological and social components of the university’s educational environment design, which have a significant impact on the teachers’ professional training.
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