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Title: Methods building and printing 3D models historical architectural objects
Authors: Hevko, Ihor
Potapchuk, Olha
Lutsyk, Iryna
Yavorska, Viktorya
Tkachuk, Viktoriia
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Methods building and printing 3D models historical architectural objects / I. Hevko et al. // The International Conference on History, Theory and Methodology of Learning (ICHTML 2020). SHS Web of Conferences. (Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine, May 13-15, 2020). EDP Sciences, 2020. Vol. 75. P. 1-6
Issue Date: 13-May-2020
Keywords: methods building and printing
3-D models
historical architectural objects
Abstract: The authors present methods building and printing three-dimensional models for graphical reconstruction of historical architectural objects. Procedure sequence of the methods is exemplified through building the model of the Parochial Cathedral of St. Mary of the Perpetual Assistance of the 1950s. After analyzing and assessing the most popular specialized software means, the 3DS Max environment is chosen to build a three-dimensional model. Suggested software tools enable increased accuracy, speed and granularity of fixation of complex systems and expanded databases, providing efficient instruments to deal with bulk data and being relevant to new IT achievements. Sequence and content of operations for analytical and modeling cycles are substantiated. The cathedral model is built on the basis of archive photographs and drafts. The authors describe methods and the algorithm of procedures, principles of architectural and spacious modeling to recreate the architectural object. The three-dimensional model is built by applying a stereogram miniature of the destroyed Cathedral. Reconstruction of spacious configuration of the objects is based on parallax assessment of images. Stages of project implementation are determined. There are described methods of implementing modeling by 3DS Max tools and preparing the model for 3D printing in Cura.
Description: DOI : https://doi.o rg/10.1051/shsconf/20207504016
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