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Title: Using Dance Exercises at Physical Training Lessons in the 5-th Forms as a Mean of Versatile Development of Pupils
Authors: Naumchuk, Volodymyr
Mashtaler, Iryna
Sopotnytska, Olena
Gumenyuk, Sergiy
Lady, Petro
Kuz, Yuriy
Petrytsa, Petro
Maliar, Eduard
Maliar, Nelia
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Using dance exercises at physical training lessons in the 5-th forms as a mean of versatile development of pupils / V. Naumchuk et al. // International journal of applied exercise physiology. Mazandaran : ESSA, 2020. Vol. 9, issue 5. P. 83-90.
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: ЕЕSA
Keywords: pupils
physical training lesson
dance exercises
versatile development
Abstract: The research deals with a problem of using dance exercises at physical training lessons as a mean of versatile development of the 5-th form pupils. The purpose of research is in developing program of using dance exercises at physical training lessons and experimental checking of its efficiency. Three content components of the program have been identified: aesthetic, motional and gender. The program content, which was implemented on three stages, has been substantiated: at the first stage, pupils acquired theoretical knowledge and practical abilities to perform the basic dance elements; in the process of the second stage the technique of dance exercises was brought to the level of perfection, physical qualities and moral-volitional behavior traits were formed; at the third stage was developed the ability of children to create new compositions that were corresponded to the individual possibilities of each pupil. Into the basis of the motional component is laid: classical dance, folk dance (polka, waltz); Latin dance (cha-cha-cha and jive); aerobics. It has been determined dance exercises as the basic forms of classes and the ways of educational activity organization.
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