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dc.contributor.authorГолубінка, Христина-
dc.identifier.citationГолубінка Х. “Земле моя” Богдани Фільц: особливості хорового письма // Наукові записки Тернопільського національного педагогічного університету імені Володимира Гнатюка. Сер. Мистецтвознавство Тернопіль : ТНПУ ім. В. Гнатюка, 2016. № 2 (вип. 35). C. 114–120.uk_UA
dc.description.abstractУ статті здійснено музично-теоретичний, вокально-хоровий, виконавський аналізи хорового твору “Земле моя” Богдани Фільц на слова Івана Франка, переклад з однорідного жіночого для мішаного хору Володимира Гущака. Досліджено творчу спадщину сучасних українських діячів мистецтва − Богдани Фільц та Володимира Гущака. Висвітлено образно- художній зміст хорового твору, особливості хорового письма; обґрунтовано ідею виховання любові до Батьківщини. .uk_UA
dc.description.abstractВ статье осуществлены музыкально-теоретический, вокально-хоровой, исполнительный анализы хорового произведения “Земля моя” Богданы Фильц на слова Ивана Франка, перевод с однородного женского для смешанного хора Владимира Гущака. Исследовано творческое наследие современных украинских деятелей искусства − Богданы Фильц и Владимира Гущака. Освещено образно-художественное содержание хорового произведения, особенности хорового письма; обосновано идею воспитания любви к Родине.uk_UA
dc.description.abstractDuring the anniversary year of the famous poet, scientist, philosopher and public figure, Ivan Franko (1856–1916) much attention is paid to his artistic heritage. Bohdana Filts widely promotes “frankiana”, her music composed for poems of the poet is aimed to raise spirituality and strengthen arts and culture. The most popular works are: “Guelder-rose, why are you bending in a meadow?”, “When you hear behind your window in the night”, “Green sycamore”, “Oh, curly little oak” and many others. This article analyzes the musical, theoretical, vocal, choral and performing analyzes of a choral work “My land” by Bohdana Filts whish was written on the words of Ivan Franko. The special attention is paid to the translation from female to mixed choir by Volodymyr Huschak. This year is also special for Volodymyr Huschak, the honoured cultural worker of Ukraine, methodologist, who worked at the Conducting department of Drogobych V. Barvinsky State Musical College. Volodymyr Huschak has recently celebrated his 75-th anniversary. His creations include many original works for chorus: “If I had shoes”, “A Song about Taras Shevchenko”, “A Song about Stepan Bandera”, “If I had wings”, “The cranes”; choral triptych “Deed”; a part of the Liturgy; Ukrainian folk songs: “Oh, there on the edge of the glade”, “My evening star”, “Our spring”, “She walked in the mountains” and many others. In the choral piece of work “My land” of Bohdana Filts, translation for mixed choir by Volodymyr Huschak, an important thing is his work with different forms of the ensemble, namely unisonous and harmonic ensemble. The conductor must constantly emphasize the dotted rhythmic formula that gives to the compositions more solemn and energetic character. In some vocal parties there arise dissonant intervals. Sounds in intervals are intoned according to the tune. Voice introduction in the composition is prolonged, during the performance of phrases breath in the parties is chain. When working on the choral piece of work “My land" of Bohdana Filts, the conductor must achieve expressive performance, expressive intonation and dynamic sound. The artistic heritage of such modern Ukrainian artists as Bohdana Filts and Volodymyr Huschak is investigated in the article. There are also demonstrated figurative and artistic content of choral work, features of choral writing in the investigation. The author emphasizes on the love upbringing to the Motherland. The author describes the heritage of Ivan Franko, which serving the spiritual and patriotic education of youth, which has an impact on the formation of Ukrainian mentality. The paper outlines the importance of music and aesthetic education and educational opportunities and for examples it takes such choral works of Bohdana Filts and Volodymyr Huschak and it is given estimation for active implementation in the musical and educational process. The attention is paid to the organic synthesis of musical and poetic image and features of composer writing.uk_UA
dc.publisherТНПУ ім. В. Гнатюкаuk_UA
dc.subjectІван Франкоuk_UA
dc.subjectБогдана Фільцuk_UA
dc.subjectВолодимир Гущакuk_UA
dc.subjectИван Франкоuk_UA
dc.subjectБогдана Фильцuk_UA
dc.subjectВладимир Гущакuk_UA
dc.subjectIvan Frankouk_UA
dc.subjectBohdana Filtsuk_UA
dc.subjectVolodymyr Huschakuk_UA
dc.title“Земле моя” Богдани Фільц: особливості хорового письмаuk_UA
dc.title.alternative“Земля моя” Богданы Фильц: особенности хорового письмаuk_UA
Appears in Collections:Наукові записки Тернопільського національного педагогічного університету ім. В. Гнатюка. Сер. Мистецтвознавство. 2016.№ 2

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