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Title: The Importance of Onomastics in the Formation of Language and Ethnocultural Competences
Authors: Sokol, Mariana Olehivna
Kosovych, Olga Vasylivna
Pezhynska, Olga Mykhaylivna
Drebet, Victor Vasylovych
Boiko, Iryna Igorivna
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): The Importance of Onomastics in the Formation of Language and Ethnocultural Competences / M. O. Sokol et al. // International Journal of Applied Exercise Physiology (IJAEP). 2020. Vol. 9. No. 9. P. 68-72
Issue Date: 2020
Keywords: proper name
Abstract: The importance of studying proper names by students-philologists due to the fact that the acquisition of onomastics is of great importance for the formation of the cognitive base of personality language, which is aimed not only at determining the etymology of the word, spelling, but also on their communicative orientation. The understanding of proper names precedent is an important criterion for the level of intercultural interaction skills formation, as there is not only mastering speech technology, but also certain socio-cultural code. The study of proprietary vocabulary belongs to the linguistic disciplines, in particular lexicology, because both sciences study the word as its object. The relationship between etymology and onomastics has been studied, since the latter is often used by etymological analysis methods to find out the meaning of etymon when its pre-anthroponymic semantics is actualised. It is also worth paying attention to the connection with derivatology that emerges when exploring ways to create proper names.
ISSN: 2322-3537
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