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Title: Особливості власних назв у творчості Валерія Шевчука
Authors: Бачинська, Галина Василівна
Тишковець, Марія
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Бачинська Г. В., Тишковець М. Особливості власних назв у творчості Валерія Шевчука // Вісник Львівського університету. Серія філологічна. Львів, 2019. Вип. 71. Ч. ІІ. С. 205-216
Issue Date: 2019
Keywords: літературна ономастика
власна назва
literary onomastics
proper name
literary-artistic anthroponym
Abstract: Метою наукової розвідки є дослідження онімів у творчості Валерія Шевчука, яка представлена власними назвами, що відображають національний колорит, історичну дійсність змальованих подій, визначають просторовий чинник. У статті звернуто увагу на систему власних назв, зокрема на особливості їх використання у творі.
The article deals with the onyms in Valeriy Shevchuk’s works. Proper names are an important part of artistic text architectonics and are an interesting object for the onomasts' studies. Onyms are an integral element for identifying the unique components of the writer’s individual style. Onomastic space of Valery Shevchuk’s works is represented by proper names, which reflect the national culture, historical reality, determine the spatial factor. Onyms are a considerable means of characteristic. The author selects the names of the characters after having thought about their character and peculiarities, knowing their role in the plot development. Valeriy Shevchuk's artistic works represent a special interest in this regard. In his works Valeriy Shevchuk selects heroes’ names from the real anthroponimicon for the achievement of the illusion of truthfulness, the authenticity of the described events, in other cases, the author uses the methods and rules that have developed in the Ukrainian language. In the analyzed works of Valeriy Shevchuk, different means and methods of identification which exist in the Ukrainian anthroponymic system are used, in particular, monomial and binomial literary and artistic nominations of a person. They include a combination of personality characteristics such as first and patronymic names, first and last names. There are also nominations for individuals who have a multi-element structure. The most important thing about individualization is the names of the substitutes. It is they who give a delusional description, create a whole portrait of a person. Literary anthroponomies are directly related to artistic text and play an important role in it. Literary-artistic anthroponymy in Valery Shevchuk's works is an important linguistic tool with a wide range of expressive capabilities. The structure of the studied anthroponyms is marked by diversity, it reflects the characteristic features of the artistic style of the writer.
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