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Title: Bioethics as an Anthropological Challenge
Authors: Кondratska, Ludmila
Romanovska, Liudmila
Kravchyna, Tetiana
Korolova N., Nataliia
Oliynyk, Kateryna
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Bioethics as an Anthropological Challenge / L. Кondratska [ et al.] // Postmodern Openings, 2021. Vol. 12, Issue 3, Sup1. P. 61-75
Issue Date: 2021
Keywords: phronesis
soteriological conception
bioethscs paradigm
anthropological competence
hermeneutic and semantic didactics
agogic principles in trans-human settings
Abstract: The subject of the proposed paper is the disclosure of prerequisites and determinants of the implementation of the soteriological concept of studying the interdisciplinary course of bioethics, the structural model and synectic algorithm of its comprehension and epistemological map of formation of soteriological competence of the future specialist during the study of bioethics. The methodological basis for the implementation of the proposed project is the theory of research-oriented professional education (Inquiry Based Science Education) and, thereafter, technology of advanced learning (Technology Enhanced Learning), which provide wide opportunities to study the course of bioethics in the form of observation of remote virtual experiments on the portal Go-Lab; GRAASP environment for the implementation of author's developments and pedagogically structured programs in the process of performative interaction between teacher and students. The scientific novelty of the material is to substantiate the content of anthropological competencies of future specialists in biomedical specialties and the strategies of obtaining them on the basis of the principles of hermeneutic didactics. Conclusions. Today, obviously, the task of bioethics is not only to protect nature and human life, but also to participate in the realization of the high mission of Salvation. This defines the research field of bioethics as a space of secret dialogue, in which it is desirable to find a place not only for the voice of clinicians, pharmacists, engineers, philosophers, public figures, but also the pastoral voice of the Church.
ISSN: 2068-0236
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