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Title: Patriotism as the social value of the individual
Authors: Kulchytskyi, Vitaliy
Sopiha, Mykhailo
Кульчицький, Віталій
Сопіга, Михайло
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Kulchytskyi V., Sopiha M. Patriotism as the social value of the individual // Social Work and Education. 2018. Vol. 5, n. 3. P.57-64.
Issue Date: 2018
Keywords: patriotism
patriotic upbringing
social value
Abstract: The article deals with patriotism as a social value of an individual. Characterized by patriotism in the socio-historical, as well as in the psychological and pedagogical context, allows us to give a holistic description of this complex and multifaceted social phenomenon. The socio-pedagogical bases of development of patriotic education of youth of Ukraine are considered. It was investigated that the level of youth patriotism is closely related to its social activity. The significance of patriotic education in the development of spiritual and moral norms and principles of youth is analyzed. The analysis of patriotic education as a social and pedagogically organized process of personality formation is carried out. The emphasis is placed on the fact that patriotism, especially if it comes from its origin, arises and develops as a feeling that is formalized through the mechanisms of socialization and enriched spiritually and ethically. It is also important that the understanding of the development of a sense of patriotism is inextricably linked with its effectiveness, which in a more concrete way manifests itself in active social activities and actions. Conclusions are made that patriotism is one of the most important components of the individual and social way of life. That is why, the feeling of patriotism of young people develops in close connection with their cognitive activity, with the mastery of the necessary representations and knowledge that are formed and developed in an inseparable unity. Thus, the patriotic education of youth can be regarded as a process of socially controlling socialization, which is carried out in specially created educational organizations that help develop the capabilities of a young person, including her ability, knowledge, patterns of behavior, values, relationships that are positively valuable to a society in which they lives.
Description: DOI: 10.25128/2520-6230.18.3.6
Appears in Collections:Social Work and Education Vol. 5 No. 3 (2018)

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