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Title: The Formation of a Successful Personality of Primary School Children during Media Education Implementation (Using Praxeological Tales)
Authors: Tereshchuk, Hryhorii V.
Kuzma, Iryna I.
Yankovych, Oleksandra I.
Falfushynska, Halyna I.
Lyakhova, Iryna A.
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): The Formation of a Successful Personality of Primary School Children during Media Education Implementation (Using Praxeological Tales) / H. V. Tereshchuk, I. I. Kuzma, O. I. Yankovych [et al.] // AET 2020: proceedings of the 1st symposium on advances in educational technology, Kyiv, november 12 - 13, 2020. 2020. Vol. 2. P. 181-191.
Issue Date: 13-Nov-2020
Keywords: Successful Personality
Primary School Age Pupil
Media Literacy
Praxeological Tales
Media Education
Abstract: The article substantiates the relevance of implementing the technology of formation of a successful personal ity of a primary school age pupil during media education implementation using praxeological tales at primary school. A technology model is developed. The necessity of solving problems of success simultaneously with increasing the level of media culture of a pupil, the formation of key competencies for life, preparation of a child for the life’s self-realization on the basis of the partnership implementation of schoolchildren, parents and teachers is proved. The necessity of the embodiment of the pedagogy of heart and the pedagogy of success by spreading the idea about the connection between success and sensitivity, humanity, providing support to those who need it is shown. The results of the latest research on the role of moral values, cooperation in human evo lution, the prosperity of society, are reflected. The need for these results discussion with parents and pupils is shown. The diagnostic toolkit for determining the levels of formation of the successful personality of primary school pupils is specified. The effective forms and methods of the schoolchildren education are substantiated: the creation of electronic books, projects “Rules of Success Achievement”, “Stories of Success”, “Sensitivity and cruelty: which wins?”, “Rivalry or cooperation: my choice?”, watching movies about successful people with special needs, analysis of media products on the topic of success. The ways of educating parents about the problems of children’s success are determined. The results of experimental research are analyzed. The necessity of studying the rules of achieving success on the basis of reading and comprehensive analysis of praxeological tales, improving the content of textbooks in the context of achieving success, increasing interest to children’s periodicals is revealed. The formation of a successful pupil is considered as one of the ways to strengthen the Ukrainian state. The necessity of raising the authority of the teaching profession is proved.
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