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Title: Media Education Technology at Preschool Educational Institutions
Authors: Chaika, Volodymyr M.
Kuzma, Iryna I.
Yankovych, Oleksandra I.
Binytska, Kateryna M.
Pysarchuk, Oksana T.
Ivanova, Tetiana V.
Falfushynska, Halyna I.
Lyakhova, Iryna A.
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Media Education Technology at Preschool Educational Institutions / V. M. Chaika [et al.] // AET 2020: proceedings of the 1st symposium on advances in educational technology, Kyiv, november 12 - 13, 2020. 2020. Vol. 2. P. 224-235.
Issue Date: 13-Nov-2020
Keywords: Media Education
Media Educational Technology
, Forming Media Literacy of Children of the Senior Preschool Age
Media Educational Tale
Abstract: The article substantiates the media educational technology at preschool educational institutions, in which diagnostic-target, integration and analytical stages are distinguished. The problems in media education im plementation at preschool establishments have been identified and the prospects for their solving have been determined. The psychological factors of forming media literacy of children of the senior preschool age have been highlighted. Diagnostic toolkit has been developed and indicators of high, sufficient and low levels of media literacy of preschoolers have been determined. The experience of conducting media educational classes “Grains of media education”, the use of media educational tales in working with children have been high lighted. The expediency of media education for kindergarten teachers of preschool educational institutions of Ukraine, formation their motivation for media educational activities with children has been proved. The effectiveness of implementing the media education technology at preschool educational institutions has been confirmed on the basis of positive dynamics of levels of preschoolers’ media literacy formation.
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