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Title: Didactic Principles Of Education Students 3D-printing
Authors: Lukianchuk, Iurii
Tulashvili, Yurii
Podolyak, Volodymyr
Horbariuk, Roman
Kovalchuk, Vasyl
Bazyl, Serhii
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Didactic Principles Of Education Students 3D-printing / I. Lukianchuk et al. // IJCSNS : International Journal of Computer Science and Network Security. 2022. Vol. 22. No. 7, July. P. 443-450. DOI :
Issue Date: 2022
Keywords: software
content of training 3Dtechnologies
defects in 3D printing
Abstract: The method of studying 3D-technologies abroad and in Ukraine is considered. The analysis of educational resources and experience of use of the equipment in branch is carried out. The didactic principles of the educational process for 3D-printing specialists are determined. The use of FDM technology and the ability to minimize the occurrence of defects in the future have been studied. An analysis of the international experience of the educational process of relevant specialists in the field. The content of training for 3D printing specialists has been developed. The experience of using 3D-technologies is described and the list of recommendations for elimination of defects during production of products by means of additive technologies is made. The recommendations will be useful not only for beginners, but also for experienced professionals in additive technologies. The need to study such experience is the main condition for the development of enterprises in Ukraine that plan to automate their own production. A 3D printing engineer must know the basics of economics and marketing, because his responsibilities include optimizing workflows to reduce the cost and speed up printing. Therefore, the knowledge gained from practical experience presented and in building for learning 3D printing engineers by the authors will be important.
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