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Authors: Zadorozhna, Iryna
Harasym, Tetiana
Dovbush, Olha
Oliynyk, Iryna
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Zadorozhna I., Harasym T., Dovbush O., Oliynyk I. SEMANTICS OF ARCHETYPAL STRUCTURE OF VERBAL POETIC IMAGES IN ROBERT FROST’S “MOUNTAIN INTERVAL” // Ad alta : journal of interdisciplinary research. 2022. Vol. 12, Issue 1. Special Issue25. P. 244-252.
Issue Date: 2022
Keywords: Archetype
Archetypal structure
Cognitive poetics
Collective unconscious
Verbal poetic images
Abstract: The article deals with the semantic peculiarities of archetypes forming the preconceptual structure of verbal poetic images constructed by Robert Frost in his collection “Mountain Interval”. The research is carried out from the perspective of cognitive poetics and the archetypal approach. The article focuses on the main archetypes and concepts as the main units of collective unconscious. The main point of the article is the discussion of the significant semantic peculiarities of the archetypes which predetermine the structure of the poetic verbal images in the collection “Mountain Interval” by Robert Frost. As far as poetic texts are characterized by the complex structure as well as plurality of meanings and their interpretations, the paramount role in the expounding verbal poetic images and their semantic content belongs to cognitive poetics. Tsur’s conception of cognitive poetics as the combination of traditional and newly developed methods of research is taken as the basic methodology in the investigation. The perspective of cognitive poetics makes it possible to determine the structure, semantics, and pragmatics of the verbal poetic images inferred from an artistic text.
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