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Title: Особливості білінгвальних практик жителів Києва й Тернополя
Authors: Матвеєва, Наталя Романівна
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Матвеєва Н. Особливості білінгвальних практик жителів Києва й Тернополя // Мова: класичне - модерне – постмодерне. Київ, 2022. Вип. 8. С. 83–99.
Issue Date: 2022
Keywords: bilingualism
language situation
language landscape
mother tongue
language prestige
мовна ситуація
мовний ландшафт
рідна мова
престиж мови
Abstract: Background. The language issue in Ukraine is very important because bilingualism is a widespread phenomenon in our country. The use of the Ukrainian and Russian languages by speakers often causes language conflicts. Сontribution to the research field. These findings may help us to understand the peculiarities of the Ukrainian language situation, particularly in Kyiv and Ternopil. Purpose. The purpose of our study is to compare the bilingual practices of Kyiv and Ternopil residents. Methods. The basis of our study is the data of the All-Ukrainian population census 2001, as well as the results of the several surveys published by the sociological group “Rating” (2015) and the public organization “Space of Freedom” (2011–2021). The material of our research concludes the names of children’s shops, residential complexes, centers for children early development and private kindergartens, coffee houses in Kyiv and Ternopil. Results. It is clear that Kyiv and Ternopil are different in the language aspect to a certain extent. Residents of the capital are undoubtedly bilingual, because they use the Ukrainian and Russian languages in their everyday communication. Also in Kyiv English is a popular language, the example of which is the language landscape of the city. In contrast to the language situation in Kyiv, Ternopil is а more Ukrainian-speaking city. Its residents in their daily communication, as well as in all spheres of communication, use exclusively the Ukrainian language. The Ukrainian language in Ternopil is also the most prestigious one in the names of the various institutions. Discussion. Now we can observe the new wave of Ukrainization, which is caused by the Russian war against Ukraine. So we predict that Kyiv will quickly become more Ukrainian, and the Ukrainian language will become the main language not only in the West of the country, but throughout its territory. The prospect of our study is to investigate the language situation in both cities in the post-war period.
Статтю присвячено вивченню особливостей білінгвальних практик жителів Києва й Тернополя. На матеріалах декількох опитувань з’ясовано тенденції щодо використання української та російської мов у спілкуванні мешканців цих міст. Особливу увагу зосереджено на сферах освіти й об- слуговування. На основі аналізу найменувань приватних закладів (дитячих магазинів, житлових комплексів, центрів раннього розвитку дітей і при- ватних садочків, кав’ярень) у Києві й Тернополі визначено риси мовного ландшафту обох міст.
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