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Title: Гуманітарна підготовка іноземних студентів у медичних університетах
Other Titles: Гуманитарная подготовка иностранных студентов в медицинских университетах
Liberal training of foreign students at medical universities
Authors: Яцишина, Ольга Василівна
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Яцишина, О. В. Гуманітарна підготовка іноземних студентів у медичних університетах : автореф. дис. на здоб. наук. ступ. канд. пед. наук : 13.00.04 - теорія і методика професійної освіти / Яцишина Ольга Василівна ; Тернопільський нац. пед. ун-т ім. В. Гнатюка. – Тернопіль, 2016.
Issue Date: 29-Dec-2016
Publisher: Тернопільський національний педагогічний університет імені Володимира Гнатюка
Keywords: гуманітарна підготовка
іноземні студенти-майбутні лікарі
медичні університети
соціокультурна компетентність
модель гуманітарної підготовки іноземних студентів
Abstract: Дисертаційне дослідження присвячене проблемі гуманітарної підготовки іноземних студентів у медичних університетах. У роботі розкрито основні дефініції досліджуваної проблеми, уточнено зміст понять «професійна підготовка», «гуманітарна підготовка», «соціокультурна компетентність»; визначено особливості гуманітарної підготовки іноземних студентів-майбутніх лікарів; виокремлено компоненти, критерії, показники та рівні сформованості соціокультурної компетентності як результату гуманітарної підготовки іноземних студентів-медиків; теоретично обґрунтовано й експериментально перевірено педагогічні умови та модель гуманітарної підготовки іноземних студентів-майбутніх лікарів; доведено ефективність застосування сформульованих педагогічних умов у процесі гуманітарної підготовки студентів-іноземців.
Диссертационное исследование посвящено проблеме гуманитарной подготовки иностранных студентов в медицинских университетах. В работе раскрыты основные дефиниции исследуемой проблемы, уточнено содержание понятий «профессиональная подготовка», «гуманитарная подготовка», «социокультурная компетентность»; определены особенности гуманитарной подготовки иностранных студентов-будущих врачей; выделены компоненты, критерии, показатели и уровни сформированности социокультурной компетентности как результата гуманитарной подготовки иностранных студентов-медиков; теоретически обоснованы и экспериментально проверены педагогические условия и модель гуманитарной подготовки иностранных студентов-будущих врачей; доказана эффективность применения сформулированных педагогических условий в процессе гуманитарной подготовки студентов-иностранцев.
Thesis deals with the problem of liberal training of foreign students at medical universities. The work reveals the basic definition of researched problem, the meaning of terms «vocational training», «liberal training», «sociocultural competence» is clarified. Specifically, sociocultural competence is thought of as the range of general knowledge and skills that promote individual’s adaptation to new social and cultural conditions of self-determination in these conditions, assimilation of cultural behavior patterns, moral norms and values of society where individual resides. Training of foreign students-future doctors in Ukraine has certain characteristics, due to the entry of a foreigner into Ukrainian sociocultural environment and the emergence of problems such as the language barrier; insufficient awareness among foreign students about the characteristics and patterns of historical, cultural and religious formation of Ukrainian society, causing them difficulty understanding the rules and realities of Ukrainian society. The teacher’s goal is not just to provide international students by a set of professional knowledge and skills necessary for professional activities of doctor, but also to create an appropriate educational and sociocultural environment where the foreigner does not feel like a stranger. The features of liberal training of foreign students-future doctors are defined. Among them are problems such as language, related to students’ unfamiliarity with Ukrainian language; religious, that appears because of differences in Christian worldview of Ukrainians and Muslim one of students who come, mostly, from Arabic countries; cultural, related to moral and ethical peculiarities of Ukrainian society which are unknown for foreign students. Features of forming foreign students-future doctors’ sociocultural competence is determined by two main factors: a combination of professional and liberal training and specific educational work with foreign students who obtain medical education in Ukraine. The first factor is due focus on training students and neglect of general education, without which the formation of the future doctor is limited, and the development of a fully developed professional becomes impossible. The essence of the second factor is that the liberal training is nationally and culturally specific, and therefore foreign students related causes difficulties and requires a specific approach to its implementation. The main purpose of liberal training of foreign students-future doctors are: promotion of national and cultural traditions of Ukrainian people, clarification of state policy in the field of public health; creating a favorable moral and psychological environment for foreign students at medical universities of Ukraine; the formation of conscious and responsible attitude to master the knowledge, abilities and skills of the social sciences by foreign students of medical universities; formation and development of foreign students’ personal qualities necessary for future professional activities; formation of foreign students-future doctors’ outlook that updates the study of subjects "Philosophy", "History of Ukraine", "History of Ukrainian culture". The components, criteria, indicators and levels of sociocultural competence as a result of liberal training of foreign medical students are underlined. Specifically such components as motivational, cognitive, analitical and activity, of personal development were defined as the complex, that build up the phenomenon of socio cultural competence of foreign students-future doctors. Pedagogical conditions of liberal training of foreign students-future doctors are theoretically grounded and experimentally tested. Liberal training of foreign students-future doctors is based on the following pedagogical conditions: the creation of educational environment in the study of social sciences to motivate foreign students to expand social and cultural outlook; the improvement of knowledge of philosophy, history of Ukraine, Ukrainian cultural history for foreign students through the use of innovative educational technologies; liberal training focus on forming analytical skills of foreign students from interdisciplinary integration; organization of independent activity of students within liberal training. The model of liberal training of foreign students of medical universities, that includes goal, content, methodical approaches, principles, methods, forms, tools, pedagogical conditions, components, criteria, indicators, result of liberal training and their interconnections are demonstrated. Teaching experiment demonstrated the effectiveness of pedagogical conditions for foreign students-future doctors within the study of social sciences. Summary results of the experimental training that took place through the comparison of digital performance indicators of input and final control in control and experimental group at the level of formation of all components of sociocultural competence of foreigners-future doctors in the study of social disciplines enabled to conclude the positive dynamics in experimental group formation of all components of sociocultural competence. These changes demonstrate the effectiveness of designed pedagogical conditions of liberal training of foreign students – future doctors. The effectiveness of represented pedagogical conditions in the course of liberal training of foreign students is proved by using F-test. The study does not cover all aspects of liberal training of foreigners-future doctors. Further scientific research is seen in improving the liberal training of foreign students and improvement of their general education to optimize the formation of sociocultural competence as a result of liberal training of foreign students-future doctors.
Description: Захист відбувся 30 січня 2017 р. об 11.00 год. на засіданні спеціалізованої вченої ради Д 58.053.03 у Тернопільському національному педагогічному університеті імені Володимира Гнатюка (зала засідань, вул. М. Кривоноса, 2, м. Тернопіль, 46027). З дисертацією можна ознайомитися на офіційному сайті та в бібліотеці Тернопільського національного педагогічного університету імені Володимира Гнатюка за адресою: вул. М. Кривоноса, 2, м. Тернопіль, 46027.
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