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Title: Planning and Implementation of the Project “Cloud Services to Each School”
Authors: Oleksiuk, Vasyl
Oleksiuk, Olessia
Berezitskyi, Mykola
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Oleksiuk, V. Planning and Implementation of the Project “Cloud Services to Each School” / V. Oleksyuk, O. Oleksyuk, M. Berezitskyj // ICT in Education, Research and Industrial Applications: Integration, Harmonization and Knowledge Transfer. Proc. 13-th Int. Conf. ICTERI, 2017 . – P. 372-379.
Issue Date: May-2017
Keywords: Cloud computing
public clouds
G Suite
Microsoft Office 365
Abstract: Abstract.This article raises up the issue of creating the cloud-based learning environment through the collaboration of several age groups. Authors of the article share the experience of designing, deploying, configuring and maintenance of G Suite and Microsoft Office 365 cloud services at schools of the Ternopil region (Ukraine). Authors offer to use public cloud technologies to support the teaching process. The project "Cloud Services to each school" was defined as a method of obtaining the practical results and forming the cooperation between scientists, teachers and students. Authors believe that deployment of cloud services is possible at any secondary school.
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