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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Balada Viktora DykaVšetička, F.
2019Becoming and development of advertisement in the newspaper “ternopil in the evening” in the context of transformation of edition in the period of public changes in 1990-1991Vilchynska, Tetiana; Vilchynskyi, Oleksandr
1858Biesiada krzemieniecka w Paryzu dnia 5 pazdziernika 1857 r.-
2016Bilingual education: linguo-didactic aspectsZakordonets, Natalia
2017Bilingual teaching: a theoretical frameworkZakordonets, N. I.
2019-04-09Biochemical and molecular responses of pulmonate mollusk Lymnaea stagnalis in exposures to trace metals and thiocarbamate fungicideSendel, I.; Gnatyshyna, L.; Tcuman, V.; Falfushynska, H.; Stoliar, O.
2019-09-30BIOCHEMICAL BASIS OF THE ADAPTATION OF BIVALVE MOLLUSKS TO ENVIRONMENTAL STRESS. COMPARISON OF NATIVE AND INVASIVE SPECIESKhoma, V. V.; Gnatyshyna, L. L.; Rarok, Yu. S.; Martinyuk, V. V.; Druvietis, I.; Ozolins, D.; Parele, E.; Skuja, A.; Mischuk, N. Y.; Zhurska, H. Y.; Kokorite, I.; Springe, G. H.; Stuliar, O. B.
2018Biochemical changes in cluster analysis indicators as a result of special tests of freestyle wrestlers of alactate and lactate types of power supplySybil, M.; Pervachuk, R.; Zahura, F.; Shandrygos’, V.; Yaremenko, V.; Bodnar, I.
2019-04-09Biochemical responses of bivalve mollusk in the co-exposure to diclofenac, nifedipine and glyphosate are distorted by heatingKhoma, V.; Gnatyshyna, L.; Horyn, O.; Lahita, V.; Mishchuk, O.; Stoliar, O.
2019-03-21Biochemical responses of bivalve mollusks to the combine effect ofpharmaceuticals, herbicide and heatingKhoma, V.; Gnatyshyna, L.; Horyn, O.; Rarok, Yu.; Stoliar, O.
2019Biochemical responses of freshwater mussel Unio tumidus to titanium oxide nanoparticles, Bisphenol A, and their combinationGnatyshyna, Lesya; Falfushynska, Halina; Horyn, Oksana; Khoma, Vira; Martinyuk, Viktoria; Mishchuk, Olena; Mishchuk, Natalia; Stoliar, Oksana
2019Bioenergetic responses of freshwater mussels Unio tumidus to the combined effects of nano-ZnO and temperature regimeFalfushynska, H. I.; Gnatyshyna, L. L.; Ivanina, A. V.; Khoma, V. V.; Stoliar, O. B.; Sokolova, I. M.
2018Bioindication of cardboard-paper mill effluents using molecular responses of fish Carassius auratus and bivalve mollusk Unio tumidusFalfushynska, Halina I.; Gnatyshyna, Lesya L.; Goch, Inna; Stoliar, Oksana B.
2018-04-10Bioindication of the toxicity of industrial effluents by the applying of the biochemical responses of aquatic animalsTovaryanska, V.; Horyn, O.; Rarok, Y.; Gnatyshyna, L.; Stoliar, O.; Falfushynska, H.
2018-10-12Biomarker responses to exposure of trace metals and a thiocarbamate fungicide in the pond snail Lymnaea stagnalisGnatyshyna, L. L.; Falfushynska, H. I.; Stoliar, O. B.; Dallinger, R.
2017Biomineralization-related specialization of hemocytes and mantle tissues of the Pacific oyster Crassostrea gigasIvanina, Anna V.; Falfushynska, Halina I.; Beniash, Elia; Piontkivska, Helen; Sokolova, Inna M.
2014Blaise Cendrars w poszukiwaniu termicznego rajuKlik, Marcin
2014Burgerlicher widerstand in dem Ukrainischen mediendiskurs: dynamik und darstellungsaspekteПоплавська, Наталія; Дащенко, Наталія; Синоруб, Галина; Поплавська, Інна; Турчин, Андрій