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Title: Підвищення ефективності навчання педагогів засобами тренінгових технологій на засадах андрагогічного підходу
Authors: Боднар, О. С.
Ензельт, О. П.
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Боднар О. С., Ензельт О. П. Підвищення ефективності навчання педагогів засобами тренінгових технологій на засадах андрагогічного підходу // Science Review. RS Global Sp. z O.O., Scientific Educational Center, Warsaw, Poland, 2018. № 3(10). Vol.6. S. 19-22.
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: RS Global Sp. z O. O., Scientific Educational Center Warsaw, Poland
Keywords: andragogical approach
teacher training in the workplace
teacher training competence
Abstract: The article substantiates the need to improve the skills of teachers in the workplace in the context of the tasks of reforming education. The advantages of the andragogical approach to the teaching of teachers are determined. The forms of improvement of qualification of teachers, in particular in the workplace, are allocated. One of the effective mechanisms in the system of andragogy - training as an instrument for the formation of new teacher competences is analyzed. The advantages of the training are argued. The functions of the administrator of the institution as moderator are outlined: popularization, propaganda, organizing-executive, consulting, cheerful, consolidating, motivational, diagnostic, analytical and forecasting. The algorithm of the organizational components of the training is described. An example of the training "Formation of integrative representations of students on the basis of a certain material object" in an educational institution and its results is given. The model of training competence of teachers is described and the results of diagnosing the level of its formation are given. The obtained results of diagnostics on the basis of the essence of andragogical principles are substantiated.
ISSN: 2544-9346
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