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Title: Gender in the Dimensions of Students’ Youth Social and Economic Aspirations
Authors: Hovorun, Tamara
Kikinezhdi, Oksana
Shulha, Iryna
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Hovorun T., Kikinezhdi O., Shulha I. Gender in the dimensions of students’ youth social and economic aspirations // Sustainable development under the conditions of European integration : collective monograph. Ljubljana : Ljubljana School of Business, 2019. P. 414–426.
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Ljubljana School of Business
Abstract: The article deals with the actuality of the problem of studying a gender dimension of students’ youth in the context of their social and economic aspirations. The analysis of professional life is an important indicator of the social system’s democratic nature – family functioning, social roles, and the availability of vocational education for both sexes. Their economic functioning in society is an equity indicator of two large demographic groups – men and women. The aim of the study is to find out the distribution of traditional and egalitarian gender preferences among university students and their influence on the assimilation of any professional and financial aspirations. Comparing the content of narratives of male and female students’ visions of the self in time perspective it is an obvious influence of descriptive and prescriptive stereotypes in the vision of future family and professional roles for both sexes especially for females.
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