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Title: Economic Determinants of Egalitarian Socialization of Student Youth in Ukraine
Authors: Hovorun, Tamara
Kikinezhdi, Oksana
Shulha, Iryna
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Hovorun T., Kikinezhdi O., Shulha I. Economic Determinants of Egalitarian Socialization of Student Youth in Ukraine // Problem space of modern society: philosophical-communicative and pedagogical interpretations: collective monograph. Warsaw : BMT Erida Sp. z o.o., 2019. Part I. P. 409–422.
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: BMT Erida Sp. z o.o.
Abstract: The article deals with the actuality of a problem of economic determinants of egalitarian socialization of student youth in Ukraine. The causes of differentiation of the economic status of men and women are analyzed. The results of a conducted research among student youth are presented. In particular, the orientation of young women for economic self-affirmation in the microeconomic environment, and young men – in macrosocium, as well as the acceptance of both sexes to traditional gender stereotypes is shown. Different understanding and using the economic categories by young man and woman is shown. The low level of material harassment of women, including professional violence, is motivated by the socialized attitudes for the financial headship of men. The development of a market economy requires involving young people, especially women, to the professional entrepreneurship, using the potential of positive psychology. The results of a gender audit at the university as an important factor of socialization of sexes of on the principles of gender equality are analyzed.
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