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Title: Gender-Educational Technologies of the Accompaniment of the Egalitarian Socialization of Ukrainian Youth
Authors: Kikinezhdi, O. M.
Kiz, O. B.
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Kikinezhdi O. M., Kiz O. B. Gender-educational technologies of the accompaniment of the egalitarian socialization of ukrainian youth // Challenges and prospects for the development of social sciences in Ukraine and EU countries: comparative analysis : collective monograph. Riga : Baltija Publishing, 2019. P. 132–147.
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Baltija Publishing
Abstract: The article deals with the author’s model of gender and educational technologies as psychological and pedagogical support of individual gender socialization, which is focused on partnership and parity of genders; innovative methods of interactive learning and perspectives of gender trainings of gender competencies’ formation, egalitarian awareness and gender culture of pupils and students were outlined. A systematic module of gender enlightening of teaching staff, different forms of developing and correctional work with students, parents, teachers have been developed and implemented in educational establishments of different levels. The model of gender-educative technologies as educational accompaniment of personal sex socialization in the period of a person’s growing up aimed at gender partnership and personal development, the formation of egalitarian consciousness of schoolchildren with a view of their successful adaptation to personal, professional and civic self-realization has been developed and tested. Personal-oriented education is seen as a factor in the egalitarian socialization of youth and its psychological security. The directions of realization of the educational-training program “Gender Youth Culture” and its thematic blocks are described. The activities of the School of Gender Equality (SGE), established at the Scientific Research Centre of the Problems of Gender Education and Upbringing Pupils and Students of NAPS of Ukraine – TNPU by Volodymyr Hnatiuk. It is empirically proven that the proposed model of gender-based education provides the development of ideas about partnership of genders, the formation of gender-parity interaction between adolescents and youth, activates the self-determination of youth in gender culture, increases the gender competence of future teachers and practicing teachers
ISBN: 978-9934-571-84-8
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