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Authors: Meshko, H.
Meshko, O.
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Meshko H., Meshko O. SCIENTIFIC-METHODOLOGIAL FOUNDATIONS OF FUTURE TEACHERS’ HEALTH CULTURE FORMING // Theory and Practice of Future Teacher’s Training for Work in New Ukrainian School : monograph. Prague : OKTAN PRINT s.r.o., 2020. P. 112-125
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: OKTAN PRINT s.r.o.
Keywords: occupational health
future teachers
occupational health culture
Abstract: The future teachers’ problem of occupational health culture formation is actualized in the research, the results of researches are presented by the authors of the state of occupational health of teachers, which showed its low indicators. Based on analysis, synthesis, comparison and systematization of the data of philosophical, pedagogical and psychological scientific literature: the essence of occupational health culture is determined; the author’s interpretation of the future teachers’ occupational health culture is given; conceptual and methodological guidelines (defining dialectical, philosophical principles and methodological approaches) to its formation as a basis for understanding and its further solving in a practical sphere are defined, to substantiate and create a system for the formation of the future teachers’ occupational health culture in the vocational training phase in particular.
ISBN: 978-80-907570-6-6
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