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Authors: Hovorun, Tamara
Kravets, Volodymyr
Kravets, Svitlana
Kikinezhdi, Oksana
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Hovorun T., Kravets V., Kravets S., Kikinezhdi O. GENDER ASPECTS OF ECONOMIC SELF-PRESENTATION OF UKRAINIAN STUDENTS // Eastern European conference of management and economics: environmental management and sustainable economic development : Proceedings of the 2nd International scientific conference (May 29, 2020). Ljubljana : Ljubljana School of Business, 2020. P. 355-362
Issue Date: 29-May-2020
Publisher: Ljubljana School of Business
Keywords: economic self-presentation
traditional and egalitarian gender orientations
Abstract: The article deals with the actuality of a problem of economic self-presentation of young men and women as subjects of their economic socialization. The purpose of the study is to identify the socialization impact of traditional and egalitarian gender orientations of students on their economic self-presentation in micro, meso, and macro levels of society. The concept of gender as a cross-cutting characteristic of economic and political stratification of society is outlined. The social and psychological factors that determine the differentiation of economic roles, socioeconomic status, life opportunities and limitations of both sexes are substantiated. The phenomenon of entrepreneurship in various spheres of economic life in terms of the subjectivity of both sexes is described. The model of the economic behaviour of students is presented. The predominant economic guidelines for young men and women toward their roles in the private sphere (family) and the public sphere (education and careers) are revealed.
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