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Title: Some aspects of designing of the structural semantics visualization system
Authors: Vasylenko, Yaroslav
Shmyger, Galina
Verbovetskyi, Dmytro
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Vasylenko Ya., Shmyger G., Verbovetskyi D. Some aspects of designing of the structural semantics visualization system // Computer science and software engineering proceedings of the 2nd Student Workshop ( Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine, November 29, 2019). CEUR-WS, 2020. Vol. 2546. P. 235–248.
Issue Date: 29-Nov-2019
Publisher: CEUR-WS
Keywords: structural semantics
lexical-semantic web-dictionary
structural semantics sort systems
Abstract: The purpose of this article is to investigate the principles and technologies of creating such a semantic interconnection system that would be useful and practical for use in areas such as machine translation, search engines and contextual search. According to the purpose of the research the main tasks are defined: 1) to study and analyze the basic principles of construction of semantic dictionary of English language WordNet; 2) to create a lexical-semantic web dictionary of IT-terms of the Ukrainian language. The novelty of the work is to adapt all the principles of WordNet to the Ukrainian language. The practical meaning of the results obtained is to create a semantic dictionary of the Ukrainian language that will allow to better analyze Ukrainian texts by searching not only the words themselves, but also words that are in one way or another related to the primary, and that will significantly increase the speed of search and analysis of information. In the created web-application (thesaurus) the basic functions of similar existing systems and the latest methods of information linguistics are implemented.
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