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Title: Creation of Clusters and Tools for Improving the Professional Competence of Future Educators
Authors: Lupak, Nataliya M.
Kopotun, Igor M.
Hamza, Anna V.
Albul, Serhii V.
Panova, Sveta O.
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Creation of Clusters and Tools for Improving the Professional Competence of Future Educators / N. M. Lupak et. al. // European Journal of Educational Research. Vol. 9, Issue 2. P. 709 - 716
Issue Date: 2020
Keywords: Higher pedagogical education
professional competence of future educators
educational clusters
Abstract: The objective of the study was to study the perceptions of student teachers and educators of an educational cluster as a tool for improving the professional competence of future educators, and to identify the cluster-related tools to be used to improve the professional competence of future educators. The project evaluation checklist for experts, a questionnaire for participants in the experiment, a semi-structured interview questionnaire to conduct with focus group respondents were used for collecting data. Data were processed using content analysis technique and SPSS Statistics v24 package. The study is quantitative, based on subjective evaluations of study participants and representatives of educational clusters, and does not aim at evaluating students’ achievements. Two simulation models of the educational cluster (“Cluster Educational Initiative” and “Cluster of Educational Opportunities for Educators 2.0”) and four educational activities for educators (discussion "Agglomeration of Subjects, Educational Institutions: Realities and Prospects”; online conference “Ukraine-Brussels - Sharing Experience in Education”; an educational tour to Finland for teachers, parents and managers in the field of education; the exchange of four teachers from two schools) was a key result of this study. It has been found that the creation of clusters for improving the professional competence of future educators and their professional advancement is now part of national education policy in Ukraine and in the world. The tools of this form of organization of educational activity are competence-oriented and aimed at deepening professional experience, development of competences of realization of life-long education, creation of own public image.
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ISSN: 2165-8714
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