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Title: Nagrania Zinowija Sztokalki: cechy stylu
Authors: Yevhenieva, Maria
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Yevhenieva M. Nagrania Zinowija Sztokalki: cechy stylu // Problemy nowoczesnej edukacji. Czestochowa : Wydawnictwo Wyzszej Szkoly Lingwistycznej, 2018. Tom VIII : Rozwoj - Potencjal - Deficyty Development - potential - deficiency. S. 163-174
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Wyzszej Szkoly Lingwistycznej w Czestochowie
Keywords: audio records
kobzar’s repertoire
performing style
bylina (heroic epic song)
Abstract: The article is devoted to the analysis of Zinoviy Shtokalko’s own sound records, made by himself at his home studio (the USA) within 1950-1960s. Both traditional and experimental genres are suggested here. The remarkable thing is that Z. Shtokalko was a representative of the musically educated generation of bandura-players, who protected traditions of the authentic kobzarism and introduced a number of new features in his kobza repertoire that brought to the creation of his own unique author’s style. The artist appeared to be as a brilliant interpreter of dumy (or sung epic poems), kants (popular religious songs), Cossacks and historical songs, ballads, etc., in his bandura performance. The bandura-player did not note down his original works, they were completely improvised, and this made them related to the traditional kobzarism practice. The features ofZ. Shtokalko’s performing style are found in all genres which he dealt with.
ISBN: 978-83-61425-52-6
ISSN: 2084-2430
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