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Title: Збірник пісень "Сторононько моя" Богдана-Юрія Янівського: особливості музичної мови
Other Titles: Сборник песен “Сторононько моя” Богдана-Юрия Янивского: особенности музыкального языка
Collection of song “ Storononko moia” by Bohdan-Yury Yanivsky: features of musical language
Authors: Голубінка, Христина
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Голубінка, Г. Збірник пісень "Сторононько моя" Богдана-Юрія Янівського: особливості музичної мови / Христина Голубінка // Наукові записки Тернопільського національного педагогічного університету імені Володимира Гнатюка. Сер. Мистецтвознавство. – 2017. – № 1 (Вип. 36). – С. 126–134. – Бібліогр. наприкінці ст.
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Тернопільський національний педагогічний університет імені Володимира Гнатюка
Keywords: Б.-Ю. Янівський
Г. Охоцька
вокальна творчість
Series/Report no.: Мистецтвознавство;
Abstract: У статті висвітлено передумови написання оригінального вокального збірника пісень “Сторононько моя” українського композитора Богдана-Юрія Янівського на вірші Галини Охоцької. Здійснено музикознавчий аналіз вокальних творів композитора з приватного архіву митця. Розкрито засоби музичної виразності та особливості композиторського письма. Розглянуто пізнавально-виховний аспект пісень збірника та подано образно-емоційний зміст творів.
В статье освещены предпосылки написания оригинального вокального сборника песен “Сторононько моя” украинского композитора Богдана-Юрия Янивского на стихи Галины Охоцькой. Осуществлено музыкальный анализ вокальных произведений композитора из частного архива. Раскрыто средства музыкальной выразительности и особенности композиторского письма. Рассмотрено познавательно-воспитательный аспект песен сборника и представлено образно-эмоциональное содержание произведений.
The article detected the preconditions of writing of original songs collection “Storononko moia” by Ukrainian composer Bohdan-Yury Yanivsky on the words of Galina Ohotska. The musicological analysis of the vocal works of the composer from the artist’s private archives has been done. The means of musical expression and features of composer writing are revealed. The informative and educational aspect of the collection of songs are considered in the article. Imagination and emotional content of the work are also submitted. The article discusses the name of Bohdan-Yury Yanivsky (1941–2005) − composer, pianist, teacher, conductor, cultural and public figure well known in the modern Ukrainian music world. Bohdan-Yury Yanivsky got the rank of national artist of Ukraine (1991). He is a winner of the T. Shevchenko National Prize of Ukraine (1996) for outstanding artistic merits. The author appeals to personal contact with Galina Ohotska (1959) − poet, doctor by specialty from the Khodoriv in Lviv region. G. Ohotska has worked diligently as physician in the adolescent clinic in Khodoriv since 1986. Love to native word, to her countrymen, to Ukraine are transferred sensory in each verse of poetry collections: “Believe, hope, love” (1996), “Heart to Heart” (1998), “Storononko moia” (2000), “Until in the heart are God and Ukraine” (2007). Collection of Songs “Storononko moia” has six vocal works – “The Answer of Ukraine to Shevchenko’s poem” “My thoughts” (1991), “The Artist” (1999), “Song of Khodoriv” (1994), “Khmelnitsky is riding on a white horse” (1995), “Storononko moia” (2000), “Tell me, tell me, an evening star” (1989). All of them are created on the verses of the poet G. Ohotska. They have different figurative and emotional content, character, performing staff – a song, vocal ensembles (duets, trios). The cycle works are joint with patriotic motives – love to the native land, the native parents’ house, the admiration of a beauty, memories, reflections about the historical past of Ukraine and people who live and create in this land. It is worth noting that the musical interpretation of the poetry works deepens their imagination and emotional content, supplements it, brings new nuances in there sound. Composer Bohdan-Yury Yanivsky feels the feature of each poetry, enters the nature and structure of the poem, creates vocal works that clearly and truthfully reflect different emotions, feelings, deepen them. The song “Tell me, tell me, an evening star” is a song, a hymn to nature, its beauty; “The Artist” − a song, a hymn to man, her creative work; “The Answer of Ukraine to Shevchenko’s poem “My thoughts”” − song-duma; “Khmelnitsky is riding on a white horse” − a song-memory; “Storononko moia” is an emotional confession of composer, his recognition of love to his native land. The music language of vocal collection of songs “Storononko moia” by Bohdan-Yury Yanivsky is rich and colouristic, deepens the imagination and emotional content of each song, makes new shades, nuances in its sound. Using dissonant chords – seventh chords, nonachords, alterics chords, chords with the collateral and added tones, deviations, harmony comparisons that are always associated with the character, mood of poetic text, its logical melodic and music reading. This approach of musical expression means benefits to special freshness and colorfulness to the sounding. The analyzed artistic heritage of Bohdan-Yury Yanivsky gives perspective to scientific understanding and is essential for indicating of its importance in the development of modern Ukrainian music space.
Appears in Collections:Наукові записки Тернопільського національного педагогічного університету ім. В. Гнатюка. Сер. Мистецтвознавство. 2017. № 1

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