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Назва: Розмовні жанри на естраді: сучасний стан та перспективи розвитку
Інші назви: Разговорные жанры на эстраде: современное состояние и перспективы развития
Conversational genre on stage: the present state and development prospects
Автори: Мойсеєнко, Володимир
Бібліографічний опис: Мойсеєнко, В. Розмовні жанри на естраді: сучасний стан та перспективи розвитку / Володимир Мойсеєнко // Наукові записки Тернопільського національного педагогічного університету імені Володимира Гнатюка. Сер. Мистецтвознавство. – 2017. – № 1 (Вип. 36). – С. 184–189. – Бібліогр. наприкінці ст.
Дата публікації: 2017
Видавництво: Тернопільський національний педагогічний університет імені Володимира Гнатюка
Ключові слова: сучасна естрада
розмовні жанри
жанрові естрадні різновиди
Серія/номер: Мистецтвознавство;
Короткий огляд (реферат): У статті досліджено сучасний стан розмовних жанрів на вітчизняній естраді. Проаналізовано розвиток вітчизняної естради. Охарактеризовано жанрові різновиди сучасних естрадних форм, таких як інтермедія, естрадний монолог, естрадний фейлетон, сатиричні дуети. Доведено синтез і трансформацію розмовних жанрів, які дедалі більше набувають телевізійного формату.
В статье исследовано современное состояние разговорных жанров на отечественной эстраде. Проанализировано развитие отечественной эстрады. Охарактеризировано жанровые разновидности современных эстрадных форм, таких как интермедия, эстрадный монолог, эстрадный фельетон, сатирические дуэты. Доказано синтез и трансформацию разговорных жанров, которые все больше приобретают телевизионный формат.
The article deals with the present state of spoken genres on the national stage. The analyzes the development of the national stage. Characterized by modern pop genre variety of forms, such as intermedia, pop monologue, pop feuilleton, satirical duo. It is shown that the synthesis and transformation of spoken genres, which are increasingly becoming a television format. As the title implies the article describes performing Arts third millennium, that does not slow your temporytm and rapidly moving in search and implementation of various new forms, genres, as in previous ages of mankind. And the most important place in this creative process is conversational genre, with all its variations and peculiarities. So important is consideration and study of the current state of spoken genres on the stage, to analyze the prospects of this genre, which is increasingly gaining momentum in the performing arts. The text gives a valuable information on modern comic performances, shows, concerts of national performing arts have a direct impact comic and entertaining performances of international entertainment establishments. Masters Ukrainian stage performing cultural exchanges with many foreign artists, through touring activities and their cultural cooperation is positive, as reflected in the demand and popularity among viewers. It is reported that conversational genres on the stage, it’s such genres that are directly connected with the word: reprise, ceremonies, sideshow, skit, monologue, lampoon, parody, imitation and so on. Much attention is given to the fact that the word is the main thing for entertainers, but you need to learn the principles and methods of creating room features work on them, work out fine details of the image, his manner, structural composition of the complex comic, funny remarks, sneering or humorous, amusing tricks. It is shown that in the analysis of the current state of domestic platform, which is now quite popular and common genres such as conversational interlude, pop monologue, pop feuilleton, satirical duo and others. Of course, the masters of contemporary performing arts of Ukraine with foreign counterparts art looking for new types of entertainment forms, modeling and mixing genres. For example, modern TV show “Evening quarter” show mixed genres, as – standards is the most mature form of mass culture, which manifests itself in theatrical political events in transforming them into spectacular form. It should be emphasized that social and cultural formation of Ukrainian society, its outlook is based on a highly artistic creative ideas, new developments and successes in the arts. Complex and changing modern world poses new requirements to create variety of forms. Estrada now growing rapidly, gaining more and more momentum and gaining crazy popularity, especially on television. Variety shape under the influence of modern requirements and needs synthesized to form new genres, which are increasingly becoming a TV format. It should be noted that modern television is quite popular sketch show. Sketch and shows have always been and are independent pop forms. But with the development of television genres synthesis data gained widespread thanks comedy comic character. So we can say that this pop genre as the sketch show is now an integral part of the national TV, which focused on broad multi-age audience. Undoubtedly, this form is the most spectacular form of organic and modern television that reveals the real issues that concern today viewer. Conclusions are drawn on the current state and prospects of development of conversational variety of genres and states that form these genres developing synthesized with other forms and genres, acquiring new meaning and format. Today noteworthy theorists and scholars such as television sitcom form.
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Розташовується у зібраннях:Наукові записки Тернопільського національного педагогічного університету ім. В. Гнатюка. Сер. Мистецтвознавство. 2017. № 1

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