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Назва: Діалектика любові в Інтернеті: веб-зображення до архетипу культурного "шлюбний союз чоловічого і жіночого"
Інші назви: Диалектика любви в Интернете: веб-изображения к архетипу культурному “брачный союз мужского и женского”
Dialectics of love in the Internet: web-images to the cultural archetype “marital union of the masculine and the feminine”
Автори: Куліш, Оксана
Бібліографічний опис: Куліш, О. Діалектика любові в Інтернеті: веб-зображення до архетипу культурного "шлюбний союз чоловічого і жіночого" / Оксана Куліш // Наукові записки Тернопільського національного педагогічного університету імені Володимира Гнатюка. Сер. Мистецтвознавство. – 2017. – № 1 (Вип. 36). – С. 205–213. – Бібліогр. наприкінці ст.
Дата публікації: 2017
Видавництво: Тернопільський національний педагогічний університет імені Володимира Гнатюка
Ключові слова: архетип
Серія/номер: Мистецтвознавство;
Короткий огляд (реферат): У статті в культурологічному аспекті проаналізовано феномен веб-сайтів знайомств. Висвітлено діалектику поняття Любові, пов’язаної з архетипом культурним “шлюбний союз чоловічого і жіночого” у представників сучасного інформаційного суспільства. Здійснено дискурс за ґендерною проблематикою у просторі нових конвергентних медіа на прикладах з давньогрецької міфології (міфічний образ Ерота) та відеоарту (проект К. Козири).
В статье в культурологическом аспекте проанализирован феномен веб-сайтов знакомств. Освещена диалектика понятия Любви, что связано с архетипом культурным “брачный союз мужского и женского” у представителей современного информационного общества. Осуществлен дискурс по гендерной проблематике в пространстве новых конвергентных медиа на примерах из древнегреческой мифологии (мифический образ Эрота) и видеоарта (проект К. Козыры).
In the article the phenomenon of the Web dating sites is analyzed in the culturological aspect. In the discourse, related to the cultural archetype “marital union of the masculine and the feminine” in the Internet-space parallels with antique mythology are drawn, because dialectics of the human existence is embodied in the antique mythology in the symbolic form. After registration in the Web dating (or the marital) sites a person, figuratively saying, gets under the virtual power of the mythic Erot (the old Greek god of love). This power is displayed in the form of the Internet addiction from the computer (the smartphone), to which attention of the Internet user is paid too often after visual and verbal contact with certain applicant (male or female) is set by their mutual agreement. In the Internet, users of the sites mentioned above look for the things they lack or the things they don’t have any more. For example, the poor look for well-to-do partners, senior men look for young women, young and ripe-aged men look for the pretext for sex-tourism. Besides, few of them think about their own ability to love. That is why during real encounters a couple of Internet-communicants often meet no Love, but ruination of Love, the reason being building close relations by calculation. In the article the question about the reality of feelings and dissonance of the gender roles in the modern society is arisen by the example of works of a Polish representative of the videoart К. Kozyra (the West Europe critical art movement). It is cleared out: in the cultural reality of the modern information society social relations found, to a certain degree, in the ontological dependence from the Internet, that is why for many individuals the search for the object of Love takes place in the system of new convergent media, including, in part, the phenomenon of the Web dating sites. The culturological analysis of the direct data of having observed the web-images in the international and domestic Web dating sites proved, while looking through the applicants’ photos momentary capture of the archetype, the person is bound tо, on the intuition level takes place before doing an action, and namely: making a decision to meet one or another person. Tо the archetypes, that are also shown in the photo of a certain person, belong visual representations of the natural medium elements, food (drinks), means of transport, material medium of the private dwelling or public buildings. In the first quarter of the 21st cent. market economics globalization affected the culture of personal relations, its individual and selective character, after that as to the concept of Love there affirmed a whole system of outer values having been formed in the stage of the former industrial society: – no beauty, but concocted artificial mere prettiness; – no love, but erotic claims and sexual adventures; - no learning of one’s own human essence (i. e. no fostering of the inner culture), but fancy imaginations and imposing stereotypes about what must be the family circle and the gender roles. For instance, outer criteria of woman’s evaluation in the society, her aesthetic and ethic evaluation (eros-ethos) often contradicting the gnoseological stage of woman’s development herself as well as of the man who liked her. Here lies dialectics of Love, concerning the cultural archetype “marital union of the masculine and the feminine”, pertaining to the representatives of the modern information society based on the look-out conflict.
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