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Title: Impact of Educational Content on the Gender Socialization of Preschoolers and Junior Children
Authors: Kikinezhdi, O. M.
Shulha, I. M.
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Kikinezhdi O. M., Shulha I. M. Impact of educational content on the gender socialization of preschoolers and junior children // Emergence of public development: financial and legal aspects : collective monograph. United Kingdom : Agenda Publishing House, 2019. P. 659–668.
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Agenda Publishing House
Abstract: The article deals with an actuality of the problem of implementation of on-discriminatory approach to the educational institutions (in particular, kindergarten and primary school). The normative documents, which regulate this issue is analysed. The results of the conducted gender expertize of the normative base of primary school (the State Standard of Primary Education and a curriculum on the subject “Basic of Health” for 1–4 grades), textbooks “Basic of Health” for 1–4 grades, and magazines for preschoolers are given.
ISBN: 978-2-5494-0318-5
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