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Authors: Balyk, Nadiia
Shmyger, Galyna
Vasylenko, Yaroslav
Oleksiuk, Vasyl
Skaskiv, Anna
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): STEM-APPROACH TO THE TRANSFORMATION OF PEDAGOGICAL EDUCATION / N. Balyk, [et al.] // E-learning and STEM Education : monograph. Katowice ; Cieszyn, 2019. Vol. 11. P. 109-123.
Issue Date: 2019
Keywords: a model for transforming education
STEM- approach
pedagogical university
Abstract: STEM-education is one of the important areas of the educational reform of XXI century. Modern initiatives in the field of STEM require the development of a model for transforming education that would correspond to contemporary demands of society. Such a general scenario and preliminary statement confirm the thesis underlying this research: there is a need to transform the existing model of training, first of all, pedagogical staff from classical education to innovative STEM-education. It was found that institutions and scholars are searching for new approaches to prepare people for solving real problems of the surrounding world through different STEM-approaches in education. In the article, the authors describe the transformation model of education for the introduction of the STEM-approach in a pedagogical university in order to prepare educators of a new formation and the main indicators of its effectiveness.
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